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Story Fundamentals #1-3 (Course Bundle)

Story Fundamentals course bundle
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Welcome, fabulous romance writer!

My 3-part series of Story Fundamentals courses will guide you through the process of planning your novel. Shape and mould your seed of an idea into a complete and detailed story outline. That outline will serve as your roadmap when you sit down to write the first or next draft of your novel. In other words, you’ll know exactly where you’re headed.

Story Fundamentals #1: The Basics is a self-paced course, the first of the series. It will give you clarity and provide guidance in how to develop and strengthen a story concept, whether you already have one to work with or you want to build one from scratch. A story with heart requires a strong foundation, and this course is designed to help you construct one. If you want to learn how to tell a great story, a story that means something, then this is the place to start. Get the essential building blocks in place before focusing on the story’s plot.

In Story Fundamentals #2: The Framework, the second course in this three-part series, you will further develop your story concept by building a sturdy and robust framework on which to construct the plot. In this self-paced course you will gain insight into the all-important elements every romance novel needs — romantic conflict, an emotional connection, and an HEA (happily-ever-after). Plus, you’ll delve deeper with subplots that enhance the story and tie everything together, and work out where your story needs to begin and where it will end.

In Story Fundamentals #3: The Roadmap, the final course in this three-part series, you will learn how to use story structure and character development to construct a meaningful plot for your story. With a solid understanding of your characters, their backstories and what motivates them, you will develop major turning points and plot events that challenge the characters and help them grow — and you’ll do so in a way that brings to life the beating heart of their story. By the time you have finished this course, you will have developed a detailed outline of your story.

How it works:

Work through the modules at your own pace and complete the tasks as directed in the workbooks provided.

At five points throughout the series, you will be given the opportunity to submit your completed workbooks for personalised feedback on the work you’ve completed, as well as a chance to debrief after each round of feedback. If you’re looking for guidance from a romance story expert, this is an opportunity you don’t want to pass up.

Upon completing the course you will have developed a strong and meaningful story concept that you can build upon with further planning.


In Story Fundamentals #1: The Basics you will:

  • explore the romance subgenres and the reader expectations that apply;
  • explore romance tropes and learn how to take a fresh approach;
  • identify your story’s themes;
  • develop the “heart” of your story;
  • write a summary of your story and refine its premise;
  • brainstorm and select a working title for your manuscript;
  • and develop your protagonist and their love interest.

In Story Fundamentals #2: The Framework you will:

  • craft an inciting incident that kickstarts the story;
  • build believable conflict that challenges the characters;
  • explore how the central romance will develop and allow the characters to find love;
  • objectively critique your ideas for plot events;
  • formulate meaningful subplots;
  • identify your story’s opening and closing scenes.

In Story Fundamentals #3: The Roadmap you will:

  • learn about the importance of plot structure and character development;
  • explore the five major turning points every story needs and what they look like in a romance novel;
  • devise the major turning points for your story;
  • explore the six story stages and what they look like in a romance novel;
  • plan the events that will occur in the six stages of your story.

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