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Story Fundamentals: The Framework

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Welcome, fabulous romance writer!

If you’ve given your story a strong foundation by completing the pre-requisite course, Story Fundamentals: The Basics, then this course will help you take the next step forward. Build a framework for your story with heart by creating complex and interesting characters — a protagonist with a clear goal and strong motivation, and a love interest who will challenge and, ultimately, support the protagonist on their journey.

Story Fundamentals: The Framework is a self-paced course that will give you insight into the all-important elements every romance novel needs — romantic conflict, an emotional connection, and an HEA. In this course, you’ll take the story concept you developed in Story Fundamentals: The Basics and bring it to life with an in-depth sketch of your main characters and outlining how their romantic relationship will develop.

How it works:

Simply work through the modules at your own pace and complete the tasks as directed in the workbooks provided. Upon completion of the course you will intimately know your characters and be confident that the main romance plot thread will meet readers’ expectations.

Note that while the course includes the premium content I use with my coaching clients in Part II of my Story Fundamentals Book Coaching program, it does not include any feedback or coaching elements. This version of the course is perfect for those who prefer to work independently, but if you’re looking for expert feedback and one-on-one support, then I’d encourage you to consider the full coaching program.


In Story Fundamentals: The Framework you will:

  • Identify which of the main characters is the protagonist;
  • Sketch the protagonist’s goals, motivation and conflicts;
  • Craft a the perfect love interest for your protagonist;
  • Construct an inciting incident to wow your readers;
  • Ensure the romantic relationship consists of meaningful conflict and develops at a believable pace.

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