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Story Fundamentals Book Coaching Program

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Welcome, fabulous romance writer!

Story Fundamentals is a coaching program for writers who wish to receive expert guidance in planning a structurally sound romance novel with all the feels. Whether you’re a new writer wanting to write your first novel, an experienced writer wanting to improve your story-telling skills, or a writer whose existing manuscript needs an overhaul, this is the program for you.

How it works:

You’ll learn about (or build on your existing knowledge) of the story creation process by working your way through the program of fifteen strategically scaffolded and comprehensive lessons. Along the way you’ll complete a series of tasks designed to help you develop a story concept from scratch (or extensively revise an existing concept).

In order to construct a story that has a strong foundation, is structurally sound, and has depth and meaning, you’ll submit your work at intervals throughout the program. I will provide detailed written feedback and guidance during live coaching calls, as well as give you the opportunity to submit revisions so that you can move forward with confidence.

Upon completion of the program you will have developed a comprehensive plan to guide you as you write your novel.


This program is delivered in three parts:

  • In Story Basics, you’ll explore romance tropes, identify your story’s themes and uncover its heart. 
  • In Story Framework, you’ll sketch your characters, create strong romantic conflict between your protagonist and the love interest, and explore the development of their romantic relationship. 
  • And in Story Roadmap, we’ll take everything we’ve uncovered about your story so far, then build on it to outline a meaningful and engaging plot that will serve as your roadmap for writing your novel from beginning to end.

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PART 1: Story Basics
PART 2: Story Framework
PART 3: Story Roadmap