CONGRATULATIONS! At this point, you should have completed all the tasks in Workbook #3: Steps 9-14. This means you’ve begun developing your main characters — the protagonist and their love interest.


Before moving on in the course, however, now is a good time to take stock of the work you’ve completed so far. How are you feeling about it all?

Take some time, perhaps a day or two, to ponder the questions below:

  1. Are you certain you’ve chosen the right character to be the protagonist?
  2. Have you correctly distinguished your characters’ beliefs and misbeliefs? Are you certain you haven’t confused the two?
  3. Have you identified your characters’ most prominent personality traits, both positive and negative? Do you know how these will present as strengths and flaws in your characters’? Do the strengths and flaws of your protagonist and love interest complement one another? Do they open the door for conflict and connection?
  4. Do your characters have strong internal and external GMCs? Are their goals valid and relevant? Will they drive the plot forward? Are their motivations strong and deeply rooted in the events of the past? Will the conflict last for the duration of the entire novel?
  5. Do you know how your characters will grow and develop throughout the story? Are the lessons they will learn connected to the story’s themes and its heart?

An Opportunity

If you answered no for any of the questions above, or if you aren’t sure of the answers, this is your opportunity to get detailed feedback from a romance story expert — yours truly.

If you don’t wish to take up this opportunity, that is absolutely your prerogative. Just bear in mind that due to the scaffolded nature of the story-planning process, I cannot provide feedback on the tasks in the remaining workbooks unless I’ve done so for all the tasks in the workbooks preceding it. Why? Because I need to understand your story’s bigger picture and all the intricacies introduced right from the first task in order to accurately analyse the story elements you will cover in subsequent tasks. You are welcome to pass up this opportunity, but should you change your mind at a later stage, you will need to come back to this page to sign the Agreement and submit your first workbook.

Want feedback on Workbook #2 but didn’t submit Workbook #1? Head back to Option to Submit #1 and complete the Agreement for Book Coaching Services before uploading your first workbook.

Ready to submit?

If you’re itching to get feedback on the tasks in Workbook #2, simply follow the steps below.

  • Fill in the Workbook Submission form below. If you already purchased the 5-Submission Bundle, have your code handy to waive the fee for a single submission.
  • Upload your completed workbook when directed.
  • Make your payment (if required) via credit card or PayPal.


Well done! That was a big step forward. Give yourself a pat on the back and reward yourself with a special treat or some “me” time.

Now, if you want to move forward in the course while you wait for your feedback, you can. However, bear in mind that the feedback you receive may impact how you want to approach the upcoming tasks, so proceed with the expectation that you may wish to make changes to any work you complete.