A message from your coach

Hello, fabulous romance writer!

I want to congratulate you on taking this step in your writing journey. Why? Because the Story Fundamentals program will change your writing life. How do I know? Because I’ve worked with so many authors who were struggling to revise structurally unsound manuscripts that lacked meaning. This program is designed to help writers before they get to that point. By working with me through the steps in this program, writers gain eye-opening clarity about the stories they truly want to tell, and as a result, they’re able to bring the stories of their dreams to life.

Another reason I developed this program was because I was once an author who struggled to revise a manuscript — only I didn’t know why I was struggling. Being a perfectionist, though, I couldn’t let that stand, so I embarked on a journey of learning the art of storytelling. After years of study, writing practice, working with authors at every stage of the editing process, teaching fiction writing courses, and training to become a book coach, I incorporated everything I learned about storytelling and the romance genre and put it together in a way that meets the needs of my clients. The Story Fundamentals program will help you understand your story’s bigger picture and how to fit all the pieces of the puzzle together for maximum reader enjoyment.

Whether you signed up to this program to learn how to write a romance novel, to get help in writing the first draft of your next manuscript, or whether you need to go back to the drawing board with an existing manuscript, we will work together to develop a strong foundation for your story and a roadmap for writing a solid draft.

Libby M Iriks
Libby M Iriks