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Google “romance tropes” or check out this list of 101 Romance Tropes For Writers or this list of 150 Romance Novel Tropes.


  • If you already have an idea of what your story might be about, identify the tropes you believe might best encompass it at this stage. As you bring the story to life, it’s possible that its tropes may change — and that’s okay!
  • If you’re constructing a story from scratch, make a list of story tropes that speak to you or those you may wish to tackle. In the same way a house is built by initially laying a single brick, it’s quite possible for a story to be built from the ground up by first getting inspiration from a trope.


Identify your story’s trope/s. Analyse your portrayal of that trope. Have you taken a fresh approach? Have you brought it to life in a clever or interesting way? Could you tweak the story to enhance the trope?


Note down your trope in your answer booklet, along with a few sentences about how you might approach it.