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Story Fundamentals: The Basics

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Welcome, fabulous romance writer!

A story with heart requires a strong foundation, and this course is designed to help you construct one. If you want to learn how to tell a great story, a story that means something, then this is the place to start. Get the essential building blocks in place before moving on to creating characters and plot.

Story Fundamentals: The Basics is a self-paced course that will give you clarity and provide guidance in developing and strengthening a story concept, whether you already have one to work with or you want to build one from scratch.

How it works:

Simply work through the modules at your own pace and complete the tasks as directed in the workbooks provided. Upon completion of the course you will have developed a strong and meaningful story concept that you can build upon with further planning.

Note that while the course includes the premium content I use with my coaching clients in Part I of my Story Fundamentals Book Coaching program, it does not include any feedback or coaching elements. This version of the course is perfect for those who prefer to work independently, but if you’re looking for expert feedback and one-on-one support, then I’d encourage you to consider the full coaching program.


In Story Fundamentals: The Basics you will:

  • Explore the romance subgenres and the reader expectations that apply;
  • Explore romance tropes and learn how to take a fresh approach;
  • Identify your story‚Äôs themes;
  • Develop the “heart” of your story;
  • Write a summary of your story and refine its premise;
  • Brainstorm and select a working title for your manuscript.

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