Before we begin . . .

Diving into the story creation process can be daunting. The blank page, intimidating. While it’s important to trust the process, it’s also worthwhile to remember every now and then why we’re doing it. Why do we choose to isolate ourselves in a room and slog away at the keyboard for hours, days, weeks, months on end?

Take a moment now to think about your goals. Set your sights firmly on the end prize . . .

Imagine a bookstore. With huge towering shelves filled with books. Take a big whiff of that heavenly bookstore smell.

Now narrow your focus to just one of those shelves. Browse the titles on the book spines and work your way along until— Wait! That’s your book. With its cover facing out for all the world to see! It’s a popular title in its genre and has pride of place.

. . . Stay. Enjoy the moment.

How did that imagined experience make you feel? Fabulous, I bet. You wouldn’t be here otherwise. I want you to remember that feeling as we work together through the steps in this program. Because, ultimately, sending our stories out into the world for others to enjoy is the end result we’re working towards. 😊

Right, let’s move on to the business of writing a novel worthy of that spot on the shelf . . .