It’s time!

And now, the moment you’ve all been waiting for . . .

. . . let’s talk romance!

It’s why you’re here, right? To learn how to write a romance story that works? Well, now that you know your characters and the message you want to convey and all the rest of the foundational elements of your story, it’s time to start erecting the walls to this love nest!

The relationship between your protagonist and the love interest is the framework on which your story’s plot will hang. It must be constructed with care and precision, because even if your story’s foundation is strong enough to withstand an earthquake, your book will not stand the test of time if the romance is weak or poorly put together.

And so, in the next three steps, you will three vital elements of your story’s central romance plot. They are:

  • The inciting incident
  • The romantic conflict
  • The emotional connection