Let’s do this! –>

Grab the scented candle you used in the last step and light it up — it’s time to brainstorm!

  1. Using the sticky notes of your big picture elements for inspiration, and perhaps the keywords you came up with in the last step, brainstorm titles for your story. Aim for variety and quantity. Using the techniques outlined earlier, try to come up with at least 10-20 titles.
  2. Download the ‘Rank Your Titles’ document below and insert your ideas in the relevant column.
  3. Give each title a score out of 10 for the four qualities of a good title. Your scores are subjective, of course, but this activity will challenge you to analyse your options. 
  4. The spreadsheet will calculate the total score for each title. Identify those titles with the highest scores and rank them in descending order in the relevant column.